NC Land Records

The website contains searchable information for all 200,000+ land grants issued in North Carolina from 1663-1960.  For all grants, high quality digital images of the land description found in the Patent Books are available.  For several counties, high quality digital images of documents associated with each grant are available.  For this website, a land grant file will automatically link to the correct set of images no matter where they occurred on the microfilm (even if they were on another reel). In other words, the retakes, corrections or misfiles will be shown as the correct images. In addition, it will be noted if this is the case, and the original frames that were found to be incorrect are also shown for comparison. There are some cases where corrections are not noted because they are obvious. For example, if an empty shuck is filmed without the “No documents in the shuck” message and is refilmed with it on the next frame, both frames are simply shown. In general, if a correction occurred within a shuck, i.e. before a new shuck was started, then both the errors and the corrections are considered part of the shuck. If on the other hand the correction impacted more than one shuck, then it will show as a correction with the correct and original frames noted.